Woman reports husband to police after finding hidden camera in guest bathroom

Police in Redding, California have reported that a man, Ryan Rovito, aged 34, was found to possess more than 900 images of child pornography after his wife uncovered a hidden camera in their guest bathroom.

The woman notified the police in March after she had confronted her husband about the device. Rovito admitted to knowledge of the camera, but promised to remove and discard it. However, the wife took the camera and hard drive before he had the chance to destroy them, leading her to contact the police, as she was worried that her young children had been recorded using the bathroom.

Detectives from the Redding Police Department were granted a search warrant for the electronics, which were then analyzed by High-Tech Crimes Detectives. The analysis concluded that there were over 900 child pornography images found, and the camera had recorded people, including children, using the bathroom without their knowledge.

An arrest warrant was issued, leading to Rovito being apprehended on Thursday morning during a traffic stop. He was then charged for both the possession of the child pornography and the recording of people with the hidden camera.