Woman Sends ‘Heinous’ Messages to Ex-Boyfriend and Now Charged with Aiding Suicide

A Pennsylvania woman was recently charged with aiding suicide after a two-year investigation into the death of her ex-boyfriend uncovered a series of “heinous” text messages she sent him. On June 13, authorities charged Mandie Reusch, 35, with criminal charges following the death of her former partner Kevin Metzger two years prior.

A search of Metzger’s property revealed a letter from Reusch. Further investigation revealed that the defendant sent her ex a “trail of torment and solicitation” in June 2020. According to State Police Trooper Steve Limani, the content of the texts included various explicit images, videos, and themes, which he described as “the next level or most extreme amount of bullying.”

One example of Reusch’s manipulative behavior was a video she sent Metzger of her having sex with another man for money he had previously given her. Westmoreland County District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli argued that Metzger might still be alive if Reusch had kept the “harsh words” to herself.

Defense attorney Phil DiLucente maintained that if Reusch were to be convicted in this case, it would set a dangerous precedent for prosecuting people over “emotional words” instead of verbal communication. In addition to aiding suicide, Reusch is facing charges of harassment and is due to appear in court on June 27 for her preliminary hearing.