Woman Shot to Death During Zoom Call

LA PRESA, California — On Tuesday a tragic incident in La Presa has left a woman dead and her estranged husband as the suspected shooter. Law enforcement officials reported that 35-year-old Ashley Bird was fatally shot by her husband, 39-year-old Christopher Bird, during a work call. The authorities discovered Ashley’s lifeless body on her couch when they arrived at her home.

The devastating event has also left the couple’s nine-year-old son without parents. It is believed that after killing Ashley, Christopher turned the gun on himself in his vehicle.

Allison Saefong, Ashley’s sister, shared heartbreaking details of the incident with NBC San Diego. Ashley was in the middle of a Zoom call with a colleague when she excused herself, thinking someone was trying to break into her house. She never returned to the call, prompting her coworker to reach out to their mother. With no response, the coworker contacted the authorities.

The family was aware of Christopher’s volatile nature, but they did not expect such a tragic outcome. Despite being in the midst of a divorce, Ashley had denied experiencing physical abuse. Saefong speculated that the divorce and custody battle may have pushed Christopher over the edge.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, as law enforcement officials work to determine the full circumstances surrounding the incident.