Woman Sues Popular Fast Food Chain After Becoming Sick and Hospitalized For Two Months

Jena Vogt, a Louisiana resident, ordered a medium double cheeseburger combo at Wendy’s in St. Rose on July 27. Within 24 hours, she began to experience nausea and complications.

Her medical diagnosis revealed several issues, including sepsis, E.coli, shock, brain hemorrhaging, and acute gastrointestinal bleeding. Vogt had to spend two months in hospital care before she was released to at-home care on September 28.

According to court documents obtained by McClatchy News, Vogt and her husband Michael are suing Wendy’s, noting physical impairment and psychological suffering. As a result of Vogt being hospitalized, the couple’s budget suffered, leading to additional lost income opportunities and depletion of overall life enjoyment.

The hefty lawsuit implicates poor handwashing procedures and inadequate handling, inspection, and assurance of food safety. It’s a stark reminder that food safety is paramount for safety and health purposes and should never be taken for granted.

Overall, Jena Vogt’s pending case serves as a wake-up call that everyone needs to remain vigilant regarding eating out. Food establishments must remember to prioritize food safety, while consumers should pay close attention to the restaurants they patronize.