Woman Suspended From High Rise Building After Fire Breaks Out

Firefighters in New York responded to a three-alarm fire that broke out around 10:25 a.m. on East 52nd Street. 38 people were injured, including two that are in critical condition, and five that are in serious condtion, according to FDNY.

A dramatic rescue ensued when firefighters used a risky rope rescue to save a woman suspended 20 stories above the ground after the fire broke out in her Manhattan apartment on Saturday.

As shown in the video several firefighters surrounded her as smoke streams out of the apartment window.

Firefighters helped lower the woman into the apartment below on a rope after one wrapped his arms around the woman. Another firefighter pulled the woman into the apartment.

Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb said during a news brief, “You saw the life-saving rope rescue. That is a last resort in the FDNY.” The rope rescue was vital to helping the woman but the FDNY explained that it is not common.

Darren Harsch, one of four firefighters involved in the effort said, “This is an extremely rare type of rescue. We don’t do this often.”

The cause of the fire has been determined to be caused by a battery.

FDNY Chief Fire Marshal Daniel Flynn stated, “The cause of this fire is a lithium-ion battery which is meant to power a micro mobility device.

The mobility devices would include scooters and e-bikes. Flynn explained that this is not the first time lithium-ion batteries have started a fire. He says, “This is close to our 200th fire this year caused by lithium ion batteries from micro mobility devices.”

According to FDNY officials, at least five bikes were recovered from the apartment.

Flynn said according to CBS News, “This particular apartment, we believe the occupant was repairing bikes in the building, and the fire was right behind the front door.”

He added, “We want to stress our lithium-ion safety tips.”

Flynn gives some suggestions to use when dealing with lithium-ion batteries. He explained that Lithium-ion batteries should be charged and stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You should always use the manufacturer’s cord and power adapter. Discontinue use of a battery immediately if it overheats.