Woman ‘Torn Apart’ and Mauled to Death While Trying to Feed Her Brother’s Dog

53-year-old Patrizia La Marca from Italy was tragically killed by her brother’s Rottweiler while she was trying to feed it. After hearing her screams, the local first responders were alerted and came to the home in the northern resort town of Ventimiglia at around 4 p.m. on April 5.

Upon arriving, they found La Marca lying in a pool of her own blood with serious bites covering her head, arms, chest, and shoulders. It took two hours to subdue the animal, ultimately requiring it to be shot and wounded in order to be taken away to the city kennel. La Marca was airlifted to a hospital but sadly succumbed to her injuries.

An emergency worker shared that her body had been “torn apart in several places,” adding that “they had never seen anything like it.”

Mayor Isio Cassini expressed his sadness for La Marca and her family, noting that such a tragedy had never happened in Ventimiglia. An investigation is currently being conducted to determine the fate of the dog.