Woman Allegedly Tries to Light 1-Year-Old Daughter on Fire

Lisbeth Collado and Jamie Avery Jr. attempted to burn their 1-year-old daughter in a gruesome scene of an attempted assault at Love’s Travel Shops in Tyre, New York, in May of 2022.

The Finger Lakes Times reported that Collado allegedly doused her one-year-old daughter with a flammable liquid in an effort to set the child on fire.

According to the Seneca County Sheriff’s office, officials responded to the incident after receiving several 911 calls. They swiftly put out multiple small fires in the building. At the same time, the couple’s son was found in a nearby semi-truck with an apparent head injury.

The inquiry about why this heinous crime occurred remains in the air. But, the couple’s children were expected to fully recover at the time despite being subjected to the horror.

Following the examination of evidence, a grand jury indicted the couple with multiple charges, including attempted aggravated murder and attempted murder in the second degree. The charges also included arson in the second-degree and second-degree attempted arson as well as two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and first-degree attempted assault.

On Monday, Collado made an official plea to plead guilty to attempted assault. Her husband, Avery Jr., had pleaded guilty to the same charge in December and is attempting to now withdraw his plea.

Collado is set to receive her verdict on May 10 and will serve nine years in prison and five more years probation upon her release.

This painful incident is heart-wrenching and emphasizes the discrepancy between those who would harm innocent children and those here to fight for justice. It is necessary and just that Collado and Avery Jr. are held accountable for their actions and serve the appropriate sentence.