Woman’s Car Burst into Flames with Two Kids Inside, All While She was Inside Store Shoplifting

On May 26, a 24-year-old, Alicia Moore of Orlando, Florida left her car parked outside the Oviedo Mall with her two little ones inside. As Moore entered the Dillard’s department store to shoplift with an unknown man, little did she know that her vehicle was about to burst into flames.

When Moore emerged from the store, her car was already a smoldering wreck. She left behind the stolen merchandise and ran to the vehicle to rescue her children. But the two kids had already been helped out the back window by passersby, who had come to their aid as the flames consumed the car.

Dashcam footage from a Tesla parked nearby shows the car’s back window and windshield shattering from the flames and smoke. Fortunately, the children only suffered minor first-degree burns on the face and ears. Following the incident, Moore was apprehended last week and charged with aggravated child neglect, arson, and petty theft and battery charges. She is presently held in Seminole County Jail on a $48,000 bond.

The origins of this fire remain murky, but the car was destroyed beyond repair. Moore’s negligent behavior puts her two innocent children in an inexcusably hazardous situation. It is a miracle that everyone escaped unscathed, and Moore should be taken to task for her decisions.