Young Boy Brutally Attacked by Dogs on His Way to School

Clinton, SC – A horrifying incident occurred in the town of Clinton, South Carolina, as an 11-year-old boy was viciously attacked by a group of dogs on his way to catch the school bus. Eyewitnesses were left traumatized by the brutal assault, and now the community seeks answers and justice.

The victim, identified as A’Rhyan Anderson, endured multiple bites from the four dogs involved in the attack. His injuries were so severe that he required an emergency airlift to the hospital, where he underwent surgery and is now in stable condition. However, Anderson will need physical therapy to recover from the traumatic incident. The attack has left both him and his mother deeply traumatized.

The enormity of the injuries was further revealed by Amy Lowe, Anderson’s mother, who described her son’s wounds in gruesome detail. Natash Mims, an eyewitness, expressed shock at the scene, as it seemed the dogs were devouring the young boy alive.

In response to the attack, law enforcement officers were forced to shoot two of the dogs on the spot, while the other two managed to escape. The dogs, described as large and black-mixed breeds, have yet to be linked to an owner. The community is calling for the animals to be euthanized and for the owners to be held responsible.

Police in Clinton are currently urging anyone with information about the dogs or their owners to come forward and assist in their investigation. Those with relevant details are instructed to contact animal control or the police department.