Young Mom Found Dead by Coworkers in Factory Machine

CHEROKEE COUNTY, SC – A young mother from South Carolina lost her life in a tragic accident on Wednesday while working at a textile factory. Brianna Danielle Coyle, 30, became entangled in a machine at Carolina Cotton Works, according to Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler. The circumstances surrounding her entrapment remain unclear at this time.

Coyle, who was married and had a young daughter, was discovered by her coworkers, who were left horrified by the incident. She was subsequently rushed to Cherokee Medical Center but succumbed to her injuries in the emergency department.

The textile factory, Carolina Cotton Works, produces a range of products including medical gowns, masks, flame-resistant workwear, and military gear. A spokesperson for the company described Coyle’s death as a “tragic accident” and expressed deep sadness over the loss. Brittany Rape, the company’s human resources manager, conveyed their cooperation with authorities during the investigation into the incident.

Coyle’s grieving stepmother, Jessica Bell, took to social media to express her heartbreak. “I have no words to explain how much this hurts baby girl,” Bell wrote in an emotional tribute. Coyle’s father, Brian Bell, also shared touching photos of his daughter, expressing his love for her.

The Cherokee County Coroner’s Office is working in conjunction with the South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration to investigate the circumstances surrounding Coyle’s untimely death.

The tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards faced by workers in industrial settings, highlighting the importance of safety protocols and vigilance in protecting the well-being of employees.