Brother Allegedly Murdered by Younger Brother

PHOENIX, Arizona – An Arizona man has been arrested after his older brother disappeared under suspicious circumstances, leading authorities to believe he may be dead. Michael John Morgan, 44, is facing charges of second-degree murder, concealing a body, and tampering with evidence. The victim, George Thomas Morgan, 45, has not yet been found. The incident reportedly occurred following a series of arguments and fights between the brothers at their family home.

According to statements obtained by local news outlets, the mother of the Morgan brothers witnessed the altercation. She stated that the fight began in the dining room and escalated, with George Morgan allegedly inflicting injuries on his younger brother. The mother further revealed that Michael Morgan followed his older brother outside, and the argument continued. However, George Morgan was never seen again after that.

George Morgan’s adult son later arrived home and discovered blood stains in the backyard, as well as on his father’s car and hat. He also noticed that his father’s phone had been turned off. After searching for his father, the son confronted Michael Morgan, who denied any knowledge of his brother’s whereabouts. A missing person’s report was filed by the family several days later.

Authorities apprehended Michael Morgan at a Home Depot in Queen Creek, Arizona, on November 18. During the arrest, Michael Morgan maintained his innocence.

The search for George Morgan continues, and his body has not been found. The charges against his brother, Michael Morgan, highlight a potential tragic outcome of the family’s long-standing conflicts. As the investigation unfolds, authorities will remain focused on locating key evidence to establish the circumstances behind George Morgan’s disappearance and presumed death.