11-Year-Old Dies of Flesh-Eating Infection After Common Injury

Jesse Brown, an 11-year-old “miracle child,” tragically passed away due to a twisted ankle he sustained while running on a treadmill, resulting in a life-threatening flesh-eating infection. 

His cousin Megan Brown reported to Fox 35 Wednesday that Jesse’s leg was covered with a discolored patch shortly after the injury, which was “splotchy, purply, red, almost like bruises.” 

As soon as he was admitted to the ICU, Jesse was diagnosed with group A strep infection, rapidly progressing to flesh-eating bacteria. This caused his brain to swell and caused his unfortunate death. 

Megan Brown conveyed that the infection seemed to have targeted his ankle due to its weakened state. 

Jesse had been born after his parents had spent ten years trying to conceive, leading his family to refer to him as their miracle child. 

Jesse was a BMX and motocross enthusiast known for his mature personality. Jesse was described by those around him as an “old soul” in a small body. 

Megan spoke of Jesse on a GoFundMe page set up to help with expenses. “Everyone who met Jesse loved him. He was hilarious, his laugh was contagious, and he just lit up the room,” the page reads. 

According to Dr. Alan Cross, an infectious disease expert at the University of Maryland Medical Center, group A strep can create a “toxin” from a rapid infection. 

This can occur from minor scrapes and more extensive wounds in children and adults alike. Cross recommends “properly clean the wound and then be able to watch it over time.” 

Unfortunately, Jesse’s family didn’t recognize the danger quickly enough, and he had to wear a boot for his ankle injury. 

To honor Jesse, his elementary school, Lakemont Elementary School, started a memorial fundraiser. They described him as “kind and compassionate, looked out for others, adventurous and truly an amazing friend and classmate.”