3 Hospitalized and Multiple Injured After Shooting at Deleware Mall, Shooter Remains at Large

Saturday night in Newark, Delaware’s Christiana Mall took a turn for the worse when a series of gunshots shattered the serene atmosphere. The Delaware State Police responding to the incident on call encountered three individuals with gunshot wounds in the food court area.

Two victims were critically injured, and five others were sent to a hospital with injuries not inflicted by gunfire.

Based on the investigation conducted so far, the police claim that the shooting was a result of a quarrel between several suspects and at least one of the unfortunate victims.

Furthermore, these suspects and victims are believed to have had some prior acquaintances. As of yet, no suspect has been apprehended, and the exact number of suspects remains unknown.

It is no surprise that such an unfortunate event resulted in the evacuation and closure of the mall. Law enforcement officials searched and cleared the scene, leaving no stone unturned. Senior Cpl. Jason Hatchell of the Delaware State Police said, “There is no threat to public safety.”

The mall will be closed on Sunday as the investigation is still ongoing. Through forensic methods and accounts of eyewitnesses, the Delaware police are trying to collect evidence, examine surveillance footage and gather statements from witnesses to develop the incident further.

Saturday night’s shooting at Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware, has left many in shock, with three individuals wounded by gunfire and five others injured due to the altercation. The mall is still being investigated by authorities, and no suspects have been apprehended yet.