3 People Charged with Brutal Murder of Woman Over $65

RIVERDALE, Illinois – A young woman in Riverdale, Illinois was brutally killed over a $65 drug debt, leading to three individuals being charged with her murder. The victim, 29-year-old Danielle Banks, was found stabbed and burned in the street on December 9.

Described as someone full of life with a big smile, Danielle was known for her love of singing and dancing. Unfortunately, Danielle’s struggles with drugs led her down a dangerous path. She became entangled with drugs, and soon after, things took a turn for the worse.

Danielle Banks met a gruesome end earlier this month on South Wallace Road in Riverdale. She was beaten, stabbed to death, and then set on fire, leaving her unidentifiable. Riverdale police released photos of a watch and described a tattoo to help identify her, emphasizing the difficulty in identifying her remains.

After a thorough investigation, on Wed the police charged Scotty Jobe-Scott, Keith Bassett, and Latoya Laramore-Milons with felony first-degree murder in connection with her killing.

Ray Banks, Danielle’s father shared the shocking revelation he received from the police about the motive behind his daughter’s murder. According to him, the suspects claimed that Danielle owed them $65, leading them to kill her in a brutal manner and then set her body on fire.

The three individuals charged with Danielle Banks’s murder are currently being held without bond. They are expected to appear back in court to face the charges against them.