3 Suitcases Full of Human Remains Found Floating Off Florida Coast

Delray Beach detectives are on a mission to solve a grisly mystery after three suitcases washed up in the Intracoastal containing human remains. On July 21st, the police department received a call from someone who noted a suspicious-looking item in the waterway near Delray Public Beach in Florida. When officers inspected the article, they confirmed it was a suitcase that contained human remains. Later, two other suitcases were located along the Intracoastal with similar contents.

Law enforcement continued a lengthy search for further evidence on the following Saturday. Upon inspecting the suitcases, the investigation was labeled a homicide, and they concluded that the remains were from an adult female of white or Hispanic descent, with brown hair and a height of five feet, four inches. According to the police, the victim had tattooed eyebrows and wore a floral tank top, a black undershirt, and black shorts at mid-thigh. The Delray Beach Police Department released an image of the floral tank top to aid their search.

This peculiar case came just a day after a similarly strange incident occurred in Texas. The Bexar County Sheriff’s office took a phone call regarding an unusually discarded object on someone’s personal property. According to Sheriff Javier Salazar, deputies arrived and found a suitcase holding human remains. The gender and identity of the victim is still unclear. Blotting out any leads, the property owners had been out of town before the discovery and cooperated with the investigation. Police noted signs of someone trying to burn something around the property, which Salazar later explained wasn’t uncommon in the area.

The Delray Beach police are vigorously continuing their probe to identify the individual found in the suitcases and unravel the mystery. Anybody with knowledge of this case can contact the Delray Beach Police Department and help bring justice.