5 Dead, Dozens Injured After Stage Collapse

San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico – At least five people have tragically lost their lives and dozens more have been injured following the collapse of a section of a stage during a campaign rally. The rally was attended by a long-shot presidential candidate, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, who fortunately emerged unscathed from the incident. Disturbing video footage captures the moment a powerful gust of wind causes the top of the stage to crumble, while seven individuals were standing on it. This devastating event has highlighted the potential dangers associated with large outdoor gatherings in adverse weather conditions.

The tragedy unfolded during a campaign event held by the Citizens’ Movement party in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a city in the state of Nuevo Leon. Multiple officials have confirmed that at least five people lost their lives as a result of the collapse, while approximately 50 others sustained injuries. Among the injured are members of Álvarez Máynez’s team, as the presidential nominee himself assured the public of his well-being through social media. The exact number of victims has yet to be confirmed, leaving authorities to investigate the incident and ascertain the cause of the stage collapse.

Following Lorenia Canavati, the Mayor of San Pedro, sharing an image of the stage before the event, which displayed eight support beams holding the roof structure, Samuel Garcia, the Governor of Nuevo Leon, acknowledged the presence of injured individuals in a statement. As campaign rallies continue leading up to the June 2 elections, concerns arise regarding the safety measures implemented during such events. This unfortunate incident raises questions about the precautionary steps taken to protect attendees from potential hazards, particularly during periods of adverse weather conditions.

Investigations to determine the exact cause of the stage collapse are ongoing, while authorities focus on assisting the victims and their families. The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with political rallies and emphasizes the importance of stringent safety protocols at all public gatherings.