84-Year-Old Murder Suspect Confesses to Beating Wife to Death with Candle Jar

LOWER POTTSGROVE TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania – An 84-year-old man, Barton Seltmann, has been charged with first- and third-degree murder after admitting to beating his wife to death in their kitchen. The incident took place on Nov 28 in Lower Pottsgrove Township.

According to Montgomery County prosecutors, Seltmann initially called 911, claiming that he believed his wife, Margaret Seltmann, 85, had been attacked by an unknown intruder. He described the kitchen as being in disarray, with his wife bleeding from her head. However, responding officers grew suspicious of his behavior as he attempted to feign ignorance about what had happened.

Upon further investigation, police discovered Margaret’s lifeless body inside the home. Seltmann was found on the rear porch, with blood on his hands, face, and clothes. They also found a small black-handled kitchen knife and pieces of shattered glass from a broken candle jar at the scene.

During questioning, Seltmann admitted to paramedics that he had hurt his wife during an argument about their cat’s vet expenses. He claimed that Margaret had threatened him with a knife, leading him to retaliate in self-defense. Seltmann confessed to using a chair and a china candleholder to strike his wife repeatedly, resulting in her fatal injuries.

Seltmann is now being held without bond at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 5.

This heartbreaking case sheds light on the grave consequences of domestic violence. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Margaret Seltmann’s murder.