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Doctor stabbed to death in road rage incident

A Lexus struck and fatally wounded an ER doctor who was riding a bike. The driver of the vehicle then ...

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Man in Ohio killed by Police

Family members of Joe Frasure Jr., a 28-year-old Ohio man, have reported that he was fatally shot by police while ...

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Husband slowly murdered his own wife using antifreeze and sleeping pills

Mark Jensen, a 63-year-old Wisconsin native, has been convicted a second time for the 1998 murder of his wife, 40-year-old ...

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Woman found dead in bathtub, boyfriend says she ‘slipped’

On an early July morning, LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben’s partner phoned 911 to report that he had discovered her unconscious in ...

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Atlanta 9th grader brutally assaulted teacher in a prolonged attack

Officials in Rockdale County, Georgia are examining a recently publicized video of a student assaulting a teacher, leaving the veteran ...

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Toddler killed after family friend steals car with the 1-year-old still inside

Tragically, a 1-year-old boy has passed away after a woman was accused of taking his mother’s car with him inside ...

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Man dies after getting in a fight at a middle school basketball game

The Vermont State Police are in the process of investigating the death of a man who passed away on Tuesday ...

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Man goes mad in D.C. and shoots four people

On Wednesday morning, a shooter caused chaos in Washington D.C.’s Southeast region by randomly shooting people after having disputes on ...

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Omaha police kill active shooter

On Tuesday, Omaha police officers shot and killed an individual suspected of being an active shooter at a Target location. ...

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Lunch lady steals $1.5 million worth of chicken wings from the school district

Lunch lady
Vera Liddell, the food service director for Harvey School District 152 in a southern suburban area, has been accused of ...

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Absolute News

Absolute News is a resource for conservative and neutral voters who desire news that is free from mainstream bias. The publication reports on current events, political happenings, election news, global stories and much more. For excellent coverage that is respectful of the independent thinking, GOP and conservative voter base, Absolute News is a solid resource. 

Looking for a news source that accurately reports political news without skewing or being disrespectful of the conservative view? Want a publication that uncovers threats to Americans’ basic liberties? Ready for a resource that sheds light on nefarious actions and intents of political figures and electoral candidates? Absolute News covers all that and more.

No matter where you are, whether at work or at home, Absolute News gives you the details you need to stay informed on the most impactful news. Readers will get pertinent details that help them decide where they stand on hot-button issues. Whether it’s a story about election integrity, a political scandal, or a threat to critical Constitutional freedoms, the reporting from Absolute News will keep you posted. 

The mainstream news of today is biased and lacks basic respect for opposing viewpoints. Absolute News embraces voters from all vantage points. Ethical reporting and equal respect are paramount, and all readers will find honest information on a variety of important issues. 

Journalism in the Twenty-First Century is saturated with sensationalism and intolerance for a wide range of perspectives outside the mainstream narrative. If you’re seeking news that honors your point of view and does not suppress or censor important information about political figures or current events, then you’re in the right place. 

For readers who value traditional American family values, American exceptionalism, political news coverage, and the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution, Absolute News is a great resource. Keep an eye on the feed for the latest stories that impact daily life in America.

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