Alabama Infant Killed by Family’s Pet “Wolf-Hybrid”

CHELSEA, Alabama – A tragic incident in Chelsea, Alabama has claimed the life of a three-month-old boy. According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the infant was attacked by their family’s pet “wolf-hybrid” on Thursday. Authorities are now investigating the circumstances surrounding this devastating incident.

Emergency responders were alerted to the animal attack just before 1 p.m. on Thursday. Deputies from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, along with firefighters from Chelsea and officers from Shelby County Animal Control, rushed to the scene. The injured baby was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital under the escort of law enforcement. Tragically, upon arrival at the medical facility, the infant was pronounced dead due to the severity of the injuries sustained.

To ensure the safety of all involved, law enforcement requested that an area veterinarian euthanize the animal at the scene. Subsequently, it was sent to the Alabama State Diagnostics Laboratory in Auburn for further examination and investigation. Authorities are now focused on determining the factors that led to this heartbreaking loss of life.

Shelby County Coroner Lina Evans revealed to media outlets that both the family and investigators were aware of the dog’s lineage. Confirming the presence of wolf ancestry within the “wolf-dog” hybrid, Evans shed light on the challenges that come with owning such pets. The International Wolf Center strongly advises against bringing these hybrids into family homes due to their unpredictable and inconsistent behavior, which poses safety risks.

Expressing his disbelief at the tragic incident, Chelsea Mayor Tony Picklesimer called the family’s pet an “exotic family pet” and deemed the situation unthinkable. The entire community is grappling with the sad reality of this devastating loss.

Chelsea is a town located approximately 30 minutes southeast of Birmingham, Alabama. The investigation into this heart-wrenching incident remains ongoing as authorities seek to understand the circumstances surrounding the attack on the innocent infant.