Alaska Airlines Flight Carrying Pets Lands with Cargo Door Open

PORTLAND, Ore. — Alaska Airlines is facing yet another aviation incident after a plane arrived at an airport gate in Portland with its cargo door open. The cargo hold was carrying passengers’ pets, but fortunately, no animals were injured during the incident. The plane had flown in from Los Cabos, Mexico. The airline stated that there was no indication to the crew that the door was unsealed during the flight and that it partially opened after landing.

This latest incident comes after a door plug blew off mid-air during an Alaska Airlines flight from Portland to Ontario, Calif. last January. While the airline appeared to downplay any issues, aviation expert Joe Schwieterman expressed concern, calling the cargo door opening on its own a “pretty major defect.” He explained that it can affect the electrical equipment in the cargo hold, raising questions about undetected issues on the plane.

Both Boeing and Alaska Airlines are already facing a $1 billion lawsuit over plane safety, and the National Transportation Safety Board chair has warned that the January incident could occur again. Alaska Airlines has faced criticism for safety issues throughout the winter season.

This incident add to the ongoing concerns surrounding the safety of Alaska Airlines and Boeing aircraft. The airline continues to face scrutiny as it works to address these issues and ensure the safety of its passengers.