Nearly 3 Pounds of Cocaine Found in Fake Pregnant Belly

Cemeka Dannette Mitchem and Anthony Miller were arrested on April 12 in South Carolina after law enforcement officers allegedly discovered nearly 3 pounds of cocaine concealed within a prosthetic pregnant belly Mitchem was wearing.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office identified the two after they were pulled over while traveling along US Interstate 85. The deputies grew suspicious of the couple when they gave conflicting stories about Mitchem’s reported “due date.”

The officer’s suspicions were confirmed in support of the traffic stop as Mitchem fled the scene, causing the drugs to drop from the fake stomach. Examining the evidence collected at the scene, the Sheriff’s Office affirmed that the two were attempting to disguise and transport illicit substances in an unusual way.

Under South Carolina law, it is punishable by 25 to 30 years in jail with a mandatory minimum of 25 years and a penalty of $200,000 if an individual is found trafficking over 400g of cocaine.