American Couple Kidnapped in Haiti

Jean-Dickens and Abigail Toussaint, both 33, left behind their young son, who will soon turn two years old. The couple had traveled to Haiti to visit family and attend a festival but were unfortunately ordered off a bus and kidnapped a week ago on March 18 as reported by Fox News. Christie Desormes, the couple’s 22-year-old niece, said that the kidnappers had explicitly asked for any Americans to get off the bus.

The Toussaints’ family has already paid a ransom of $6,000, but now the kidnappers are asking for a more significant sum of $200,000 for each of the abductees. Despite the capital already given, Desormes has said that her family does not have the amount to pay. Desormes has launched a petition on to raise the ransom money to reunite the couple with their son.

A State Department Spokesperson told the outlet that the US Department of State and its embassies and consulates abroad prioritize the safety and security of American citizens abroad. Reports of two US citizens missing in Haiti are being looked into, and the Department is working closely with local authorities to search for them. No more information is available at this time.

The Toussaint family is now pleading with local reps and the public to help them in their plight and bring Jean-Dickens and Abigail home safely.