Americans Abducted in Mexico Found, 2 Found Dead, 2 Alive

On Tuesday, the Governor of Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal, reported that the four Americans that were violently abducted in Matamoros, Mexico, have been found.

Two Americans were found dead, while the other two were located alive. One of the survivors has been wounded, while the other was unharmed.

The FBI had expressed on Sunday their collaboration with Mexican authorities to search for the missing Americans, who had been kidnapped on Friday.

A relative of one of the abducted had previously reported that they had both traveled from South Carolina intending to receive a tummy tuck from a doctor located in Matamoros.

After they arrived in Mexico, the two Americans became unintentionally involved in the crossfire between two rival cartel groups, as seen in a video that showed them being taken away in the back of a pickup truck by the gunmen.

No other information has been reported. This is a developing story.