Andrew Cuomo Opens Up After His Disgraceful Resignation

( – In August 2021, disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) resigned from office over allegations that he sexually harassed or assaulted multiple women. The state legislature was preparing to impeach Cuomo at the time, and Democratic leaders said they had the votes to do it. Now, the former governor says he regrets resigning and should have fought the charges.

Since then, Cuomo has won several legal battles. On Monday, March 14, the former governor said he wouldn’t close the door on potentially running for office again in the near future.

While Cuomo feels vindicated after prosecutors refused to press charges against him, that’s not the whole story. Oswego District Attorney Gregory Oakes said the issue was the law, not whether or not Cuomo committed a crime. He said the law as written protects the offender over the victims and places an undue burden on the women in this case. Still, Cuomo denies he did anything wrong.

A spokesperson for Cuomo said the New York AG report that implicated the governor in numerous potential crimes was a sham. State Attorney General Laticia James’ office said the multiple allegations against the former governor were credible and called him a serial sexual harasser.

If Cuomo runs again, does he feel he can overcome the allegations? It’s one thing to avoid criminal charges and a jury. It’s another to escape the court of public opinion.

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