At Least 60 People Dead After Shootout at Concert

MOSCOW – A concert at the Crocus City Hall near Moscow turned deadly on Friday when gunmen in camouflage attire opened fire on concertgoers, killing at least 60 people and leaving 145 injured. The attack, which was claimed by Islamic State militants, marks the deadliest incident in Russia since the 2004 Beslan school siege. The gunmen began shooting just moments before the Soviet-era rock group “Picnic” was set to perform to a full house at the 6,200-seat venue.

Video footage captured the chaos that ensued as people took their seats in the hall and then rushed for the exits as the sound of gunfire echoed above screams. Other videos showed the assailants shooting at groups of people, leaving some victims motionless in pools of blood.

Witnesses described the scene as a stampede, with everyone running and screaming in panic. Russian investigators have confirmed that the death toll has surpassed 60, and health officials reported that approximately 145 people have been wounded, with about 60 in critical condition.

The attackers’ fate remains unclear as firefighters battled a massive blaze and emergency services evacuated hundreds of people while parts of the venue’s roof collapsed. Islamic State, also known as ISIS, claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that their fighters had targeted the outskirts of Moscow, causing significant destruction before withdrawing safely.

The United States has intelligence supporting the claim that ISIS was behind the shooting, with a U.S. official confirming that warnings had been issued to Moscow in recent weeks about the possibility of an attack. Russian President Vladimir Putin was being updated on the situation by security chiefs, according to the Kremlin.

Russia has heightened security measures in response to the incident, tightening controls at airports, transport hubs, and throughout the capital. All large-scale public events across the country have been canceled.

As the investigation into the Moscow concert hall shooting continues, the entire world is being urged to condemn this act of terrorism.