Autopsy Revealed for 5-Year-Old Twins Found Dead Foaming at Mouth

New York, NY – Tragedy struck a New York City apartment when 5-year-old twin siblings were found dead and foaming at the mouth. The autopsy results have confirmed that the children were smothered, ruling their deaths as homicides. The names of the twins have not been released due to their young age.

Prior to their untimely demise, the children had been ill and were kept home from school. The boy had been suffering from vomiting and cold symptoms, while his sister was also experiencing vomiting and an ear infection. On the morning of December 18, 2023, the mother discovered the children throwing up in bed. She last saw them alive at 5 a.m. but only called 911 at around 11 a.m. when she noticed they were in medical distress.

Efforts were made to revive the children at the scene, but they were pronounced dead by emergency medical personnel. The mother, who had been home with the children, was taken to a local hospital due to emotional distress. The father, who was at work at the time, has been cooperating with authorities.

The investigation revealed no signs of physical trauma on either child, and there were no drugs found in the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning was also ruled out as a factor. The parents, immigrants from Ghana, shared their bed with the children, and the mother was actively involved in their medical care and schooling.

Authorities are continuing to investigate this heartbreaking incident. The NYPD and the Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) have not provided further comments at this time.