Bank Robbery Turns Deadly as Hostage Situation Ends in Fatality

FORT MYERS, FL – A bank robbery in Fort Myers turned into a deadly hostage situation on Tuesday, with authorities reporting that a law enforcement sniper shot and killed a man who had been holding two individuals at knifepoint in a Bank of America branch. This incident, which took place near Bell Tower Shops, unfolded shortly after 11 a.m.

The suspect, Sterling Ramon Alavache, 36, had a criminal history that encompassed several states. He faced charges spanning from drug trafficking and aggravated assault to illegal possession of a concealed firearm.

Responding to a call about a bank robbery in progress, Lee County Sheriff’s deputies swiftly arrived at the scene and secured the bank, enabling dozens of people to escape to safety.

Inside the bank, deputies discovered Alavache, armed with a knife and reportedly claiming to possess a bomb. He had taken two individuals hostage, prompting authorities to initiate negotiations.

The situation took a turn for the worse when Alavache allegedly threatened one of the hostages with the knife. In response, a SWAT sniper shot and killed him, fearing for the hostage’s life and safety.

Thankfully, both hostages were unharmed during the incident. The sniper involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted.

Sheriff Marceno expressed relief that there were no additional injuries resulting from the incident. However, he also expressed sadness over the senseless actions that put innocent lives at risk. He urged the public to remain vigilant in the face of such threats.

The investigation into the bank robbery and hostage situation is ongoing. Law enforcement officials are diligently working to uncover more details about the motive behind the incident and any potential accomplices involved.