Biden Administration Will Fund Safe Smoking Kits for Drug Users

( – Federal law makes it illegal to distribute drug paraphernalia, but the government is exempt from this rule. Due to Democrat-passed legislation, the US government will now support communities passing out kits to help people smoke drugs.

Under a grant program, the Biden Administration will begin offering money to local governments to buy and freely distribute smoking kits and supplies for smoking illegal substances, such as crack cocaine, to make drug use safer. The project, overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), will help reduce infections associated with dirty pipes and make drug use safer.

The Harm Reduction Program seeks to assist community overdose prevention projects, specifically targetting underserved communities. Such programs are already active in areas such as Seattle and San Francisco. Other places, including Maryland and Kentucky, have used smoking kits in the past but have decided to end their use because they enable addicts to continue using drugs rather than seeking treatment to stop.

The Maryland Fraternal Order of Police president Sergeant Clyde Boatwright feels it’s wiser to spend money on drug use prevention rather than programs that enable users. He said safer communities come from eliminating dependency.

The program grants offer funding of almost $1 million per year in total. The money will come from the American Rescue Plan, which only passed with Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

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