Biden Is Preparing To Target Florida Over Coronavirus, Report Suggests

( – COVID-19 case numbers have declined in Florida in recent weeks. However, a new variant first discovered in the United Kingdom is making its way around the state. It’s reportedly more than contagious earlier strains, and there are concerns vaccinations won’t work against it. That’s leading the Biden administration to consider travel restrictions to and from Florida.

However, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t taking this suggestion lying down. Florida is one of the few states with minimal COVID-19 restrictions, and the state is flourishing. If the administration follows through on this notion, DeSantis said it’s nothing more than an unconstitutional “political attack” on the Sunshine State. He said it’s “absurd” and questioned why the administration would consider such an action while also easing restrictions on the nation’s southern border.

On Thursday, February 11, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said all options are on the table. However, she added that no decisions had been made at the time.

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