Body of Missing Woman Found in Storage Unit

Orlando, Florida – The body of Shakeira Yvonne Rucker, who went missing under suspicious circumstances, was discovered in a storage unit a week after her disappearance. Rucker was last seen on November 11 with her estranged husband, Cory Hill. Hill, who is currently jailed for an alleged attempted murder, is considered a person of interest in Rucker’s disappearance and the prime suspect in her death. Although he has not yet faced criminal charges, authorities believe Hill shot Rucker to death inside the storage unit.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a foul odor emanating from a storage unit in Apopka on Saturday evening. Deputies found Rucker’s body inside the unit, with gunshot wounds. Sheriff John Mina stated at a press conference that the storage unit is registered to Hill. As Hill is already incarcerated without bond, investigators plan to gather evidence and build their case against him before charging him with murder in Rucker’s death.

Hill has a criminal history and was previously convicted for second-degree murder in Suffolk, Virginia in 1993. He is also accused of shooting at his ex-girlfriend’s home in the presence of her children on the day after Rucker went missing. Hill was subsequently arrested for four counts of attempted murder and is currently behind bars without bond.

The discovery of Hill’s previous murder conviction came as a shock to Rucker’s family, as they were unaware of his troubled past. Dedra Rucker, Shakeira’s relative, expressed surprise at the revelation, saying, “He had like a history we never knew… We never knew he was supposed to be a man of God in the church.”

Authorities will continue their investigation into the case, diligently gathering evidence against Hill. As of now, his alleged involvement in Rucker’s disappearance and death remains the focus of law enforcement.