Body of Woman Found Burning After Alleged Facebook Marketplace Meetup

On Wednesday afternoon, a Birmingham, Alabama resident Jermiera Ivory Fowler, a 31-year-old woman, was reported missing after leaving to meet someone to make a Facebook Marketplace purchase.

Less than 24 hours later, police responded to a call claiming a burning body was discovered near Sellers Road, a wooded, dead-end route. When they arrived, they quickly found Fowler’s body had been set ablaze.

Herbert Brown, who lives nearby the road on Tucker Avenue – the street behind Sellers Road – reported to WVTM that he awoke to a fierce blaze and found her charred body when he went to inspect. Nothing more than cinders and kindling remained the next day.

Police believe Fowler was shot before her death, and a separate location revealed her vehicle. Authorities have yet to make any arrests as the case is fully investigated as a homicide, and according to police, it remains uncertain at this time if Fowler’s murderer and assailants were connected to the Facebook Marketplace purchase.

The sudden and devastating loss of Jermiera Ivory Fowler is an incurable tragedy for her family and friends as the police continue their investigations. The occurrence is also a stark warning of the inherent danger of online transactions and meeting up with strangers. As Fowler’s death sadly shows, the importance of being aware, vigilant, and employing basic protective measures when utilizing online marketplaces can not be overstated.