Bodybuilder Dies After 400 Pound Squat Exercise

Justyn Vicky was more than a fitness guru. He was a source of unconditional support and strength, guiding and nurturing the growth of countless people at the gym. On July 15, in East Java, Indonesia, the 33-year-old bodybuilder and nutrition expert died in a tragic accident he encountered while lifting weights.

Footage of the incident showed Vicky unsuccessfully trying to extend the weights across his shoulders and losing his balance while trying to stand upright. The barbells’ weight collapsed onto the back of his neck, leading to devastating injuries. According to Bali Discovery and Bali Express, when Vicky failed to complete the lift, he fell forward, rolling the bar off his shoulders. His head snapped forward, breaking his neck. He was rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to those injuries.

Vicky was loved and respected by his 30,000 Instagram followers and generous friends. He was known to be a “good person, polite and sociable.” But more than that, he was an individual that had a strong belief in the potential of others and had a knack for helping them gain strength – both physically and mentally.

Gede Sutara, one of Vicky’s closest friends, recalled Vicky’s safety-oriented attitude whenever he trained others. He said he always reminded them to stay cautious and not exceed their capabilities. That very message is just as relevant now, in the wake of Vicky’s death, as it was when he was alive. Exercise is essential but must be done safely and with limits in mind.

At such a young age, the loss of Justyn Vicky is a tragedy and a stark reminder of how fragile life is. Apart from the individual’s exercise safety tips, this tragic incident also drives home the importance of spotters in the gym when lifting heavy weights.