Four Dead, 3 Injured in Horrific Mass Shooting

Florence, Kentucky – Four people have been killed and three others are fighting for their lives after a mass shooting took place during a birthday pool party. The incident occurred on Ridgecrest Drive just before 3am, prompting the police to respond to the scene.

Upon arrival, law enforcement authorities discovered four deceased individuals and three critically injured victims who were rushed to UC Hospital’s intensive care unit. The Florence Church of God shared on Facebook that the shooting unfolded when an intruder started firing shots at the birthday event. One mother was fatally shot, while her daughter sustained injuries.

The suspect managed to escape before the police arrived, leading to a dramatic pursuit. The chase concluded on Dale Heimbrock Way, where the suspect crashed into a ditch. Upon reaching the vehicle, officers found the suspect with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was transported to St. Elizabeth but later succumbed to his injuries. The authorities have not yet disclosed any information regarding the suspect’s identity.

The Florence Police Department has maintained a strong presence at the scene as the investigation continues. At 8am, it was confirmed that the three critically injured victims remained in stable condition. Officials are urging anyone with relevant information to contact them at 859-371-1234.