Capitol Police Officer Working for Nancy Pelosi Taken Into Custody During Mission

( – Israeli police recently found themselves in the precarious position of detaining a US Capitol Police officer who was sent to the country in preparation for a diplomatic visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The officer is part of the speaker’s advance team.

According to reports, the officer was involved in an incident on February 14 and had to be detained. The man found himself in an altercation, allegedly while intoxicated. Israeli authorities haven’t charged the officer.

Capitol Police confirmed the report. US Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger sent the officer back to the United States immediately. He was stripped of all police duties and placed on suspension pending disciplinary action.

Chief Manger says that since there is no criminal charge, the force’s policy is to withhold the officer’s name and hold him accountable by internal review and appropriate disciplinary measures. The matter is in the hands of the USCP’s Office of Professional Responsibility, where a full investigation is underway.

The officer has reportedly been with the Capitol Police since 2018 and has served three different members of Congress, including Pelosi. The Speaker’s office declined to comment on the situation.

Do you think this situation reflects poorly on Speaker Pelosi?

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