Cause of Death Revealed for Americans Found Dead in Luxurious Mexican Resort

The relatives of Abby Lutz, one of the two American nationals found dead on Tuesday in Mexico, declared on Thursday that they think she and her partner passed away due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to the Baja State Attorney, the two were discovered in a hotel room in El Pescadero, situated on the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. The identity of the man has not been unveiled yet. Results from the initial forensic examination suggested that the couple were killed due to intoxication by an unknown substance, which is yet to be identified by the authorities.

To raise funds for funeral costs, Lutz’s family created a GoFundMe campaign where they said the authorities informed them that the couple might have died because of carbon monoxide poisoning, which was due to inadequate ventilation. Gabrielle Slate, Lutz’s stepsister, stated that the couple had been feeling very sick during the weekend and went to the hospital to be given intravenous fluids.

She said, “On Saturday, she got really sick and assumed it was food poisoning. She didn’t get any better, so they took her to the ER, where she was given help and returned to the hotel feeling better.”

According to Racquel Lutz, the stepmother, her family was sure that the couple was getting better and enjoying the rest of their vacation until they received a call from the U.S. State Department.

Henar Gil, the general manager of Rancho Pescadero, expressed his sympathy for the family in a statement on Thursday. He remarked that their guests and staff’s safety and well-being were their utmost priority. He declined to speculate on the cause of death and suggested further questions be directed to the local authorities.

Racquel Lutz, the stepsister of Abby Lutz, mentioned that they initially thought it was food poisoning. She further stated that none of them had considered the possibility of carbon monoxide since it was odorless. She noted that this incident was senseless and could have been prevented.

On Thursday, the family of Abby Lutz shared their devastation as she had just made plans to visit her father, Tony Lutz, for Father’s Day this weekend. Abby’s stepmother remembered her as an animal lover who was always eager to give presents on Christmas, crafting handmade trinkets for her pottery class. She expressed her joy in having another daughter in Abby.

Her sister, Slate, said she will always remember her for her kindness and the love she had for her nieces and nephews. She said she never heard Abby say a bad thing about anyone, as she was always the happiest and most positive person.