CDC Calls for Sweeping Agency Review, Internal Email Reveals

( – Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was one of the most respected government institutions. In August 2020, an NBC poll found that 55% of Americans trusted the CDC. In January 2022, just 18 months later, another NBC poll found that only 44% of Americans trusted the CDC when it spoke about COVID-19, and 43% did not. In terms of the partisan breakdown, 69% of Democrats trusted the public health agency, and only 22% of Republicans agreed. Among the all-important independents, only 37% said they trusted the CDC.

On Monday, April 4, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky informed employees via email that the agency would undergo a one-month review. Walensky wrote that once the CDC finishes the study, the government agency would create new systems and procedures to ensure the agency presents its science and programs to the public more effectively.

This review comes at a time when other federal agencies, companies, and citizens have been relying on unclear, confusing, or contradictory public health messaging on such issues as masking and vaccinations.

Additionally, the study comes after the media began reporting on how cozy the CDC was with teacher unions, which influenced the agency’s guidelines regarding school reopenings and pandemic policies over the last two years.

Without trust, it could be hard for the government to get buy-in from citizens if a future COVID wave strikes or another deadly pandemic hits America’s shores.

Will the CDC get it right moving forward?

Only time will tell.

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