Chuck Schumer’s Office Admits Biden Nominee Is Finished

( – Receiving an ambassadorship is an incredible honor bestowed upon very few individuals. When a president nominates a potential ambassador, the Senate must exercise its Advice and Consent powers. A nominee requires only a simple majority to receive confirmation from the Senate.

On Wednesday, March 30, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) office privately acknowledged to Axios that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti doesn’t have the votes to be confirmed as ambassador to India.

President Joe Biden nominated Garcetti eight months ago. Democrats can’t afford to lose a single vote in an evenly divided Senate so long as Republicans stay united against the LA mayor. Both Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Joni Ernest (R-IA) placed a hold on the nomination to get more information about allegations of workplace sexual harassment in Garcetti’s office. A hold is merely a delay and cannot stop a nomination, but it can pause one while senators gather new facts.

Alongside the Republican maneuvers, five Democrats say they may not vote for Garcetti over allegations that Garcetti’s former chief of staff sexually harrassed an LA police officer even though an investigation said Garcetti did not know about the harassment.

The most recent Democrat to express concerns is Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). A former communications director for the mayor is arranging meetings with senators alleging she too was a victim of the former chief of staff.

Stay tuned. It’s becoming evident that Biden may need to pull another nominee under consideration.

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