Congressman Was Invited to Inappropriate Party

( – Is your Congressman or Congresswoman who they appear to be in public? No one reveals all of themselves when they are in the spotlight. Still, many expect the nation’s leaders to have some sense of morality and ethics. Unfortunately, that might not be the case with several seasoned lawmakers.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is Congress’s youngest elected official. The North Carolinian conservative is an unapologetic Trump supporter. Recently, Democratic groups tried unsuccessfully to block him from running for re-election, claiming he was an insurrectionist for defending the January 6 protesters. Still, Cawthorn seems unfazed by the attacks. In fact, he recently created some controversy for his colleagues in Washington, DC. Cawthorn alleged that political leaders he looked up to all of his life invited him to participate in some unsavory activities.

In a spicy interview, the first-term Congressman shared that many of his colleagues in their 60s and 70s invited him to participate in orgies at their homes. That’s not all. He added that some even used cocaine right in front of him. The young representative didn’t mention names or state where the interactions occurred.

So, do you believe Cawthorn? It does sound a bit like something out of Netflix’s political drama, House of Cards, but hey — that was just television, right?

Would you really be surprised if this goes on in Washington, DC?

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