Cop Pulls Gun on Pregnant Woman During Traffic Stop

A Florida Sheriff’s Deputy, Jacob Desue, has resigned after pulling a gun on a pregnant woman, Ebony Washington, of Jacksonville Florida.  It happened during a traffic stop on August 12th.  During the event, her three children were in the car with her and watched in horror at the incident.

According to reports, Washington was speeding at 75 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.  The officer had put his sirens and emergency lights on, indicating that she should pull over; instead, Washington put her hazard lights on and drove slowly into a gas station.

The video shows Desue with his gun pulled and pointing at the woman as he approaches her.  Before he approaches her, He is first heard yelling, “If you make any movement, that will be your last mistake you’re going to make.”

In the video, Washington gets out of the car and tries to explain why she didn’t pull over; she tells Desue that she didn’t stop because she was in the middle of nowhere and that her husband had told her not to.

The cop repeatedly tells her he doesn’t care about her excuses.  He told her, “Your excuse means nothing to me right now; I don’t want to hear it.”

Later in the video, after being handcuffed, Washington again explains that it was dark and that she didn’t want to stop and make her children feel uncomfortable.  So she put on her hazard lights.  Desue then cuts her off and says, “I don’t care about the why; just Shut UP!”

Her children can also be heard crying as tensions escalate.

“Sheriff Gordon Smith told NBC affiliate WTLV of Jacksonville that Washington did nothing wrong and that Desue’s behavior violated the department’s policies.”

Smith then tells them, “She does exactly what I would tell my daughter, my wife, my neighbor, anybody else that may feel uncomfortable: You reduce your speed, you turn on your flashing lights, be acknowledged,”

At the end of this ordeal, Washington was taken out of handcuffs and received a traffic ticket.  Desue resigned, and according to Washington’s lawyer, he plans to file a lawsuit.

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