Curious Coyote Walks Into School Classroom

( – Coyotes don’t ordinarily come into contact with people. Usually, they maintain their distance and hide. However, that wasn’t the case for one young coyote in Los Angeles, California.

On Wednesday, August 25, teachers and students gathered in the halls of Our Lady of Lourdes school around 7:30. They were preparing to kick off a new year when a coyote found his way into the school, walked down the hallway, and wandered into a classroom.

Fortunately, the coyote appeared calm and didn’t present itself as a threat to anyone. Animal control officers showed up a short time later and safely removed the wild canine from the building.

It’s abnormal for coyotes to mingle so closely with humans. Usually, they are more scared of us than we are of them.

Some animal experts say that in areas like California, where extreme drought conditions exist, animals may become more curious and less fearful as they seek food and water.

So, if you come across a coyote, what should you do if it doesn’t back down or run off? For starters, never turn your back on a coyote. Second, make yourself look big by waving your arms and make as much noise as possible by shouting or clapping your hands. You can also bang on a pot or use a whistle. Finally, if that doesn’t work, throw a stick, small stone, or tennis ball towards the canine.

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