‘Dances with Wolves’ Star Accused of Trafficking

Nathan Lee Chasing Horse, a celebrated actor known for his role in “Dances With Wolves”, was apprehended by the Las Vegas police on Tuesday evening. According to jail records, he has been accused of sex trafficking, sexual assault of a minor aged sixteen and younger, and child abuse. The Native American actor, who is reported to lead a cult, is said to have committed these crimes against young girls in the past two decades. SWAT officers stormed his Las Vegas home, which he allegedly shares with his five wives, and he was subsequently arrested.

The Associated Press reported that the police in Las Vegas have identified at least six victims of Chasing Horse, whose claims reportedly go back to the early 2000s in Montana, South Dakota and Nevada. KLAS 8 News Now reported that Chasing Horse is claimed to have persuaded his victims that spirits were ordering them to engage in sexual activity with him, and if they complied, they would become members of “The Circle”, a suspicious cult. Other reports have suggested that Chasing Horse focused on girls from single parent households with no father figures, groomed them, abused them, and even gave them emergency contraceptive pills after having sexual intercourse with them.

Chasing Horse was born in the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota and has appeared in “Into the West”, “DreamKeeper”, and “The Red Man’s View”. Police investigators speculate that there could be more victims and are encouraging anyone with information to come forward and provide a report.