Dangerous Bacteria Prompts Probiotic Recall

(TheDailyHorn.com) – Product recalls help keep consumers safe and allow companies to correct errors they may make. Livia Global, Inc noticed an issue during routine testing that led to a recall on products in two different categories, which is highly unusual.

On December 1, Livia Global announced a recall of LiviaOne Liquid Probiotics, a human supplement, and BioLifePet Liquid Probiotics, which, as the name implies, is for cats and dogs. Both products are similar in that they provide a probiotic supplement.


According to the company, the issue with them is also the same. There is potential contamination with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The microorganism can lead to a deadly infection in immunocompromised humans or canines.

The voluntary recall only covers two lots, 001005-1 and 010620-1, but it applies to various products sold under the two lines, including the following LiviaOne products:

  • 2-ounce and 4-ounce daily probiotics with UPCs 030915 107112 and 030915 107167
  • 4-ounce topical spray probiotics with UPC 030915 107105
  • 1-ounce nasal probiotics with UPC 030915 107198

The BioLifePet probiotics for cats and dogs are also in the recall. They have the UPCs of 030915 10744 for the feline products and 030915 107037 for the canine products.

The company advises checking the UPC on the side of the bottom or bottom of the container. All of the products sold nationwide online and wholesale, including on Amazon. Anyone with one of the impacted products should contact the company directly for a refund via phone at 1-559-372-8593 or email support@liviaglobal.com.

Livia Global has not had any complaints from consumers or reports on injuries from the contaminated products. This recall is a preventative measure to ensure the safety of customers.

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