Deaf Man Fatally Shot in Violent Road Rage Incident

Indianapolis, IN – A deaf man from Indiana has tragically lost his life in what his family alleges was a violent road rage incident, leading to the arrest of two individuals on charges of murder, according to state police. On May 2, Andre Briski, 24, of Indianapolis, and Shawna Rowland, 23, of Greenwood, were taken into custody in connection with the shooting death of Ryan Hawkins, 35, that occurred on May 1, as confirmed by the Indiana State Police.

Reports from state police reveal that multiple 911 calls were received on the afternoon of May 1 regarding a possible shooting incident and a car veering off the road and into a nearby pond on I-65 northbound. Upon arriving at the scene, first responders discovered an unconscious and unresponsive adult male lying in the grass. Sadly, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators determined that the man’s Hyundai Elantra had entered the pond and subsequently submerged near the area where his body was found. Swift action from three Indiana State Police SCUBA Divers, who happened to be in close proximity to the crash, led to the immediate rescue efforts.

Further investigation revealed that gunshots had been allegedly fired from one vehicle at the car in the pond just moments before the accident occurred. The victim sustained a gunshot wound and injuries from being ejected from the vehicle prior to its submersion. Crime scene investigators discovered what appeared to be bullet holes in the side of the submerged vehicle, supporting the family’s belief that Hawkins was killed following a confrontation.

According to Hawkins’ family, they suspect that the incident stemmed from a “honking incident.” They claimed that Hawkins attempted to speed away from a Ford Explorer, which allegedly pulled up to his driver’s side window and opened fire. Eyewitnesses corroborated this account, stating that shots were fired by someone inside the Ford Explorer as Hawkins attempted to escape.

The vehicle believed to be involved in the incident was found by State Police detectives later that night, leading them to arrest Briski and Rowland as the suspects allegedly responsible for the shooting. Briski has been charged with murder and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, while Rowland faces charges of assisting a criminal and obstruction of justice.

Police documents revealed that Briski admitted to feeling threatened by Hawkins’ actions on the road, claiming that Hawkins had abruptly pulled in front of him and slammed on his brakes. The defendants’ legal representation remains unknown at this time.

Hawkins’ family is devastated by his untimely death, stating that he had a remarkable ability to connect with people both deaf and hearing. The loss of Hawkins has left a void in their lives as they mourn the loss of a beloved family member.