Disgusting Surgical Discovery Leaves Doctors Stunned

(TheDailyHorn.com) – It’s not uncommon for cats to throw up hairballs. However, what about a human?

Every once in a while, doctors discover something that stuns even them, and this story is no exception. One young lady’s stomach was bothering her so much that she went in for an ultrasound. Fortunately, what her medical team thought was a cancerous tumor wasn’t a tumor at all.


While the 17-year old didn’t throw up a furball, she probably wishes she did. During a six-hour operation, surgeons were surprised to find a 15-pound ball of hair instead of a cancerous tumor lying in the young woman’s stomach. It was about the same size as a five-month-old baby. The doctor who performed the surgery said it was the first time he had seen something like it in his 40-year career.

It’s not a routine thing to find a massive amount of hair inside someone’s digestive system. Apparently, the girl had a bad habit of chewing her hair and swallowing it. Over time, the hair gathered in her stomach, winding itself into a tight ball.

So, the next time you play with your hair, it might be wise to avoid putting it in your mouth in case you swallow some. It could become a painful and expensive habit.

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