Disturbing Discovery at Storage Facility Sparks Search for Missing Siblings

Pueblo, Colorado – Authorities in Colorado are seeking the public’s assistance in locating two missing children after a tragic discovery at a local storage facility. The body of a child was found encased in concrete, prompting a search for the missing siblings.

On January 10th, police responded to a call reporting suspicious activity at a storage facility in Pueblo. During their investigation, officers came across a metal container at the scene. Pueblo police revealed in a Facebook post on Thursday that the container had been filled with hardened concrete, concealing the remains of a child.

The identity of the child has yet to be determined by the county coroner. Consequently, it remains unclear if the deceased child is one of the missing siblings, Yesenia Dominguez, aged 3, and Jesus Dominguez, aged 5. These young children have not been seen since 2018. Authorities emphasize that Jesus would now be approximately 10 years old, while his younger sister would be close to 9.

Police Chief Franklyn Ortega noted that the container housing the remains appeared relatively new, raising suspicions. A thorough investigation is underway, including interviews with the parents of Jesus and Yesenia Dominguez. Ortega revealed that attempts to conduct welfare checks on the children have proven unsuccessful, adding, “Nobody can account for them. We looked into it further. There’s no missing person report or missing child reports or anything.”

Police are urging individuals who may have any information regarding the missing children or the tragic discovery at the storage facility on West 6th Street to come forward. Tipline information includes contacting police dispatch at (719) 553-2502 or reaching out to Detective Nicholas Lile at (719) 601-7751.

As the search for the missing children intensifies, authorities are appealing to the public for any assistance they can provide. The investigation into the tragic discovery at the storage facility remains ongoing, and to date, no arrests have been made.