Dog Groomer Fatally Beats and Strangles Golden Doodle in His Care

Diego Jaimes Angel, a 41-year-old dog groomer, is facing charges of animal cruelty following the death of a dog during a grooming session at a Tulsa-based business, Doggy Doodles Grooming. The incident, which occurred on September 1, involved a 4-year-old golden doodle named Atlas. The allegations against Angel include beating and choking the dog, leading to its death.

The case came to light after a co-worker at the grooming business reported the incident to Tulsa Animal Welfare. The witness claimed to have seen Angel hanging and repeatedly punching the dog, with the abuse lasting several minutes. Angel and a business owner, however, told investigators that Atlas had a seizure during the grooming session and stopped breathing. They attempted CPR and rushed the dog to a nearby animal hospital.

Tulsa Animal Welfare is conducting a necropsy to ascertain the official cause of death. Surveillance footage from the grooming business reportedly shows Angel punching and strangling Atlas on the grooming table. The owner of the doodle, Anthony Sinor, expressed shock at the allegations against the groomer, stating, “It’s a shock that somebody could be that cruel.”

The City of Tulsa, in collaboration with the Tulsa Police Department, secured an arrest warrant for Angel on charges of felony animal cruelty. Angel was apprehended at a dog show in Elk City and was arrested on September 8. He was released on a $4,000 bond on September 13.

The case is still under active investigation, with the Tulsa Police Department, Elk City Police Department, and Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office involved. If convicted, Angel could face up to five years in a state correctional facility.