DOJ Arrests 3 on Terrorism Charges Linked to Patriot Front Group

( – The Gateway Pundit (TGP) says it has uncovered a government-sponsored plot to use false flag operations under the guise of “conservative terrorism.” TGP reports that the group “Patriot Front,” which saw three of its members incarcerated recently, is actually a Justice Department operation.

TGP posted in-depth reports of cases before a federal court in which three men pleaded guilty to crimes including conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism. The DOJ says the three men are white supremacists who signed confessions and pled guilty for lighter sentences. Each man received 15 years in a federal penitentiary.

Reporting on the court filings, TGP pointed out that prosecutors made contact with the three men “and a few others,” but there is no mention of what, if anything, happened to those additional people. According to the report, they were involved in chat rooms with the convicted men, and the FBI used these chat rooms to gather intelligence.

Assuming TGP reporting to be accurate, the development would have meaningful effects not just on the specific cases involved, but on future policy. Shaping policy is one of the main goals of a false flag operation. Policy equals control, and if the group is what TGP says it is, the potential ramifications are terrifying.

Do you think the government is capable of something like that?

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