Don’t Miss: The First partial solar eclipse of 2022 hits the sky

First partial solar eclipse of 2022 hits the sky – WKRC TV Cincinnati

Saturday, the first partial solar eclipse of 2022 was on display in the southern hemisphere. In Chile, just moments before sunset, Chileans watched in amazement as the moon passed partially between the sun and earth.

It is called a partial solar eclipse when only a portion of the moon cuts through the view of the sun from the earth, resembling only a partial view of the sun at that moment. Proper eyewear is suggested if you are ever privileged to see such a wonder. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring your eyes.

The next time this will occur is believed to be in October, visible by Europeans along with parts of Africa and the Middle East. Hopefully, the United States will get this opportunity soon as well, and maybe, the war in Ukraine will be over, and everyone will be able to celebrate and enjoy in peace.

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