Eight Bodies Dumped Near Beach Resort

Eight bodies were found dumped in the Mexican paradise of Cancun. Cancun is no stranger to American tourists; however, a troubling string of events has sparked concern for the safety of this beloved location.

The eight bodies were found in two separate areas not far from Cancun’s beach and resorts. Five were found near a construction site, while three were found in a wooded area. The victims were said to be dead for a week to two months, with three bodies identified as reported missing persons.

With such a dark discovery, authorities quickly began to investigate the area. It was determined that this resulted from cartels fighting for control of the Mexican coast and its drug trade.

In response, the U.S. State Department has warned travelers to “exercise increased caution” when visiting Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum after dark due to the unfortunate event and four murders in Cancun earlier in the month.

The tourism industry has felt the consequences of these findings, with a substantial decrease in visitors to Mexico’s resorts. Despite this, Cancun is still reported as the most popular destination for Americans. Search dogs and volunteers, including family members of those reported missing, have joined police squads in the hunt for more victims.

As a result of this investigation, it is clear that the Mexican paradise of Cancun has become a target for drug cartels. Authorities have alerted U.S. citizens to take caution and are actively searching for more victims on the Caribbean coast with the help of volunteers. Cancun still remains the top destination for Americans looking to vacation in Mexico.