Family of Four Die After Teen Drives Off 30 Foot Cliff

Tragically, a seventeen-year-old girl, her father, and two siblings from Idaho died in an automobile accident on Saturday. The family had been traveling 274 miles from their home in Spokane, Washington, to Council, Idaho, to visit their grandfather in hospice care.

It is believed that the teen, Dakota, had fallen asleep at the wheel, causing the vehicle to drive off the highway and become airborne. As a result, the vehicle flipped over and plunged 30 feet into the Salmon River. According to the incident report, the accident was likely due to fatigue from the long drive.

A local fisherman discovered their vehicle partially submerged, leading the police to believe the family most likely died by drowning. Zella Blair, the former partner of Miller and the mother of Jack and Delilah, told KREM2 how her family was in shock regarding the news.

She expressed her grief by saying she could not imagine not having her children come home after school and calling for her anymore. Blair had dropped off Jack and Delilah for the Friday weekend without knowing of Miller’s plans to visit their grandfather.